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C oachComm's Tempo system is a state-of-the-art practice management system designed to enhance practice through choreographed music and sound, communications, and clock control.  Teams can build practice scripts with music and sounds that are customized to each individual period. The system can be operated remotely by one or more people from anywhere on the field, or use the simple touch screen interface on the main unit. Set up your scripts to run automatically and easily make changes on the fly including,  go to the next period, add or take away time from an existing period, start and stop play clocks, or sound the air horn.

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Tempo's powerful, professional quality audio allows you to simulate high noise environments or play high energy music during your practices to motivate and encourage a fast pace. Optional wireless beltpacks allow coaches, managers and other staff to communicate during practice with the same confidence and quality 97% of D1 teams trust on game days. Amplify your voice through the system to make announcements, emphasize coaching points, or call out down and distance during certain drills. The rugged, durable and mobile system is made to go indoors, outdoors, or wherever you are practicing that day.


Tempo has proven to be valuable tool for top teams such as Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, and Minnesota.  Read more about the teams that are already benefiting from the Tempo advantage:

"UCLA football gets a new assistant."

"Utah football: Utes have a new soundtrack for practice."

Utah's first fall practice creates quite the buzz, literally.

"Music goes wherever Ducks practice now....."


Down to the Details


Simulate game day high-noise environments with professional quality sound.

Schedule and play high energy music automatically during practice.

Remote Control from your Tempest beltpack for practice script, music volume, clocks, sounds and more, or local control via the main unit touch screen.

Communicate with other coaches during practice and amplify your voice through the powerful speaker system to get your player’s attention.

Perfect for practices, summer camps, locker rooms, and special events.

Super Powerful Sound

• Professional tour quality sound

• Up to 35,000 watts of sound

• Scalable system

Total Control Over Practice

• Easy-to-use touchscreen

• Use as standalone or add speaker units

• Rugged and durable

Play Clock Control

• Practice segment timer option

• Wireless, battery operated and mobile

• Control multiple clocks

Powerful Scripting

• Choreograph Practice Scripts, Audio & Timer
• Stay on pace with better tools
• Load music or play directly from an external device like an iPod

Communicate Better

• Talk over 35,000 watts of crowd noise with ease
• Amplify your voice to players/personnel through the speaker system

Commando T Remote for Tempo

Now operate Tempo remotely by one or more people from anywhere on the field using the wireless beltpack and the remote.

  • Start and stop the 25 or 40 clock, adjust volumes, etc.
  • Simple one hand operation.
  • Pause the practice session, or play a favorite sound from anywhere on the practice field.


  • Mike Gundy
    Oklahoma State University
    Head Football Coach

    “Implementing the Coach Comm Tempo system to our everyday routine has allowed us to run our fast pace system without missing a beat. Our athletes enjoy the music and as a staff we are able to work game management situations. It has added an element to our preparation that has never been available until now.”

Technical Specifications

Li-ION batteries: Quick charge time (2.5 Hrs. from empty) Operation time (10 hrs. continuous operation)

Secure high-speed digital technology

Dynamic range > 75dB

Frequency response: 300Hz–6KHz +/- 1dB

Battery life: Many Seasons

Warranty: 2 Years on parts and labor: Does not include abuse related repairs. Extended warranties & annual service agreements available


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