NEW!  S-Series Headsets with SmartBoom™ Technology

The New S-Series Headsets with SmartBoom technology provide an effortless solution to enhancing the overall quality and performance of your sideline communications.  This new technology allows you to mute the headset mic by simply raising the boom.  This eliminates the need to push the talk button and makes talking and listening easier.

What's different about the S-Series with SmartBoom technology?

  • Auto mic shut-off.  Simply raise the boom to mute the mic
  • More hands-free.  Eliminates the need to push a talk button
  • Enhances overall sound quality by limiting unwanted noise
  • Hear the conversations you need to and keep out the ones you don't
  • Exceptional sound quality, comfort and durability
  • Available in single and double side models
  • Compatible with all Tempest Products

Learn more by clicking here: BOSE A20 S-Series with SmartBoom Technology

CoachComm's S-Series headset now makes it possible for coaches to have exceptional audio quality on game day without sacrificing comfort. Call or email us today to find out how you can get an S-Series on your sideline. 1.800.749.2761 or  sales.email@coachcomm.com

Introducing the Bose® A20® Headset

Every second and every play matters, and as the season progresses and the stakes continue to grow you want every advantage you can get.

The Bose® A20® Headset delivers an unmatched combination of benefits that can improve your ability to hear and deliver the messages that help you win. The lightweight headset has been engineered to be comfortable, without compromising on noise reduction or audio performance.  It’s the same headset used by military around the world where every second and every call is mission critical. Bose was the first to establish the use of active noise reducing headsets in aviation 20 years ago and has continued to be the headset pilots prefer year after year. So, you’ll hear more of what you want to hear, all with the clearer audio that has made Bose the most respected name in sound.

What's different about the Bose headset?

  • Acclaimed noise reduction, even in loud environments
  • Comfortable, stable fit with plenty of ear-room
  • Clear audio for reliable communications
  • Auxiliary audio input for other devices

Learn more by clicking here: BOSE A20 Bose A20 Headsets

TriPort® acoustic circuitry headset structure enables an umatched combination of:

  • Full-spectrum noise reduction from Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headset circuitry allows you to hear what you need to hear
  • Clearer audio for enhanced communication
  • Comfortable fit as a result of its 12 oz lightweight and significantly less clamping force than most conventional headsets

Made in the USA

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