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    Tempest® FX Beltpack
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    ePod Mounted Control Unit
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    25/40 Play Clock
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    Practice Segment Clock
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    ePod Mobility
    • Total Control Over Practice
    • Effective Communication
    • Improve Practice Efficiencies

    eVenue Tempo – Innovative Practice Management System

    Evenue Tempo provides total control over practice through time management, motivation, and simulation tools. Watch the eVenue videos to hear what coaches are saying about this powerful new practice tool.

    CoachComm’s New eVenue Tempo Utilizes our Innovative Tempo Practice Management Workflow

    CoachComm’s Tempo Practice Management System revolutionized practice for teams like Oregon, Auburn, Mississippi State and many others who understand the importance of controlling practice and motivating young athletes. Student-athletes today have grown up with modern technology, and it takes more to motivate and engage them. Championship teams aren’t built by practicing in the dark ages. Efficient practice time is essential to winning.

    Tempo is an innovative practice management system designed to provide total control over practice through time management, motivation, and coordination tools. From anywhere on the field, Tempo provides control of practice scripts, music, sounds, communication, and the management of play clocks. Tempo is an easy and powerful tool for teams seeking a competitive edge. Prepare your team and get the winning advantage with Tempo.

    Watch the below workflow video to see how eVenue Tempo can help you manage your practices.

    eVenue Tempo Workflow from CoachComm LLC on Vimeo.


    Click here to see more news about teams using Tempo Practice Management.

    Control with Powerful Scripting Control Trunk

    Simulate with Super Powerful Sound

    Communicate with Effective Communication and Control

    Coordinate with Integrated Clock Management

    Control Unit - Control via the main control unit touch screen for practice script, music volume, clocks, sounds and more.
    Tempo Remote Control – Control locally with Tempo Remote
    Tempest FX Control – Control all functions from anywhere on the field wirelessly through Tempest FX

    Total Control Over Practice

    • Drive the pace of practice by keeping it moving and on schedule.
    • Enter your practice script information and eVenue Tempo keeps you on schedule.
    • Use your own music and sounds.
    • Easily add time, stop music, play crowd noise and announce instructions.
    • Control locally with Tempo Remote or wirelessly through Tempest FX.
    • Integrated practice segment timer in Control Unit.

    Powerful Scripting with eVenue Tempo

    Teams can build practice scripts with music and sounds that are customized to each individual period. Enter your practice script information and Tempo keeps you on schedule. The system can be operated remotely by one or more people from anywhere on the field, or use the simple Tempo Remote connected to the ePod Mounted Control Unit. Set up your scripts to run automatically and easily make changes on the fly, including: go to the next period, add or take away time from an existing period, start and stop play clocks, or sound the air horn.

    • Choreograph practice scripts, audio & timer
    • Stay on pace with better tools
    • Load music or play directly from an external device like an iPod

    Mobile and Rugged Control Unit

    The rugged, durable and mobile system is made to go indoors, outdoors, or wherever you are practicing that day.

    • Easy-to-use practice management software
    • Rugged and durable
    • Schedule and play high energy music automatically
      during practice. Check out our Tempo videos to hear for yourself how Tempo and eVenue Tempo are improving football practices across the nation!

    eVenue Tempo’s Super Powerful SoundePod Mounted Control Unit

    Powerful, professional quality speaker units allow you to simulate high noise environments or play high energy music during your practices to motivate and encourage a fast pace.

    • Simulate loud and hostile game day environments with powerful sound.
    • Motivate players by playing music during warm up periods or any other time.
    • Flexible use for locker rooms, practice, game day, and camps.
    • Scalable system.

    Hear what Ross Rogers, HFC at Bryan High School had to say about eVenue Tempo!

    eVenue Tempo Clocks

    eVenue Tempo’s Integrated Clock Management

    Segment and/or play clocks allow you and your staff to automatically run practice sessions in an organized and efficient manner. Let Tempo coordinate moving teams around the field for individual practice break-outs.

    • 25/40 second models available
    • Practice segment time option
    • Clocks are wireless, battery-operated, and mobile
    • Control multiple clocks across multiple fields

    eVenue Tempo users communicate with players across the field with a wireless beltpack and remote.
    Operate eVenue Tempo remotely by one or more people from anywhere on the field using the wireless beltpack and the remote.

    eVenue Tempo’s Effective Communication and Control

    Communicate with other coaches during practice and amplify your voice through eVenue Tempo’s powerful speaker system to get your player’s attention, make announcements, emphasize coaching points, or call out down and distance during certain drills.

    • Integrated with CoachComm’s Tempest FX headset system.
    • Coaches, Managers, Video and Equipment staff can stay in constant communication from anywhere on the field.
    • Use lightweight headsets or use your game day headsets.
    • Start/stop the 25 or 40 clock, adjust volumes, etc.
    • Simple one hand operation.
    • Pause the practice session, or play a favorite sound from anywhere on the practice field.
    • Optional wireless beltpacks allow coaches, managers and other staff to communicate during practice with the same confidence and quality 97% of D1 teams trust on game days.

    eVenue Tempo can be where you need it, when you need it.

    Every event is unique and Tempo is designed to be flexible. Split up ePods and use in any combination in multiple venues to conform to any size venue while producing concert quality sound every time, everywhere.

    Tempo’s distributed coverage provides sound exactly where you need and reduces unnecessary noise pollution.


    Our eVenue customers have found Tempo to be a valuable asset at the following types of events:

    Football Practice Rent to Others for Events
    Pep Rallies Track & Field Meets
    Sporting Events Dance Party
    Pregame Warm-Ups and Activities Football Camps
    Graduation 7 on 7 Tournament
    Field Day Town Hall Meeting in Gym
    Assemblies City-Wide Pep Rally
    Convocation Soccer Games
    Fundraisers Speaking Events in Gym
    Bonfire Wheelchair Basketball Event
    Ground Breaking Ceremony Basketball Games
    5K Run Swim Meets
    Soccer Tournament Volleyball Games
    Community Education Special Education Events