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    • More Coaches and Expandability
    • Easy-to-Use Touch Screen
    • Exceptional Clarity

    revolutionizing sideline communications

    97% of all D-1A schools trust CoachComm.
    Shouldn't you?


    The X-System was specifically designed to meet the ultra-complex needs of a new generation of football teams. Most teams compete in incredibly challenging wireless environments while simultaneously requiring larger numbers of users. CoachComm created a new, groundbreaking wireless technology just for the X-System, one that will quickly set a new standard of audio performance and system expandability. With the X-System, teams can now deploy an incredible number of communications tools to connect not only coaches, but also managers, trainers, and other support personnel. The result is a more dynamic and efficient team approach to game day communications. CoachComm’s customers expect every competitive advantage, and the new X-System is the only choice for teams that accept nothing less than the best! Contact your CoachComm representative to discuss how the X-System can change how you view sideline communications.

    Coaches’ Communications: Today and Tomorrow


    New for 2017 - X-Drive

    X-Drive electric motor for
    enhanced mobility and braking.

    New X-System Sideline Cart and Mast

    Improved higher antenna mast and mount. Storage for all major system components.

    Newly Designed Radio Pack

    Small and lightweight radio pack with large, easy to read display.

    X-Ware Software

    Game day interface enables real-time monitoring and changes at your fingertips with profile-based workflow for managing individual coach/user settings.


    X-System Components

    Radio Packs

    • Small and lightweight
    • Rugged case design
    • Simple-to-operate, familiar user interface
    • Large, easy-to-read display showing useful user information
    • Digitally encrypted radio signals for maximum communication security
    • Opportunity to set up multiple custom point-to-point direct communication paths between wireless coaches/users

    New X-System Sideline Cart

    • Highly engineered solution
    • Large 19” high-resolution touch screen
    • Improved higher antenna mast and mount
    • Storage for all major system components
    • NEW FOR 2017 – X-Drive electric motor for enhanced mobility and braking

    Easier Management of Sideline Operations

    • X-Ware game day interface enables real-time monitoring and changes at your fingertips
    • Profile-based workflow for managing individual coach/user settings
    • Quickly manage dry pair assignments and changes
    • Large touch screen for greater access and control of information

    More Coaches, Additional Expandability

    • Up to 18 all-access users in 900MHz
    • Up to 18 all-access users in 2.4GHz
    • High Density feature empowers additional scalability for up to 64 additional users such as QBs, managers, trainers, or future coach-to-player workflow

    Enhanced Sound Quality with Exceptional Clarity

    • Greater clarity enables easier distinction between individual talkers
    • More natural voice quality
    • Low ear fatigue over long periods of use
    • Improved performance in loud stadiums






    SmartBoom Pro Headset

    Built for Function and Durability

    SmartBoom® PRO Headset

    • Outstanding audio quality with enhanced acoustic isolation
    • Sleek, low profile design available in single and dual-ear model
    • Dynamic, noise-cancelling cardioid microphone
    • Flexible, ambidextrous swiveling mic boom
    • Raising the boom mutes the Mic
    • Collapsible design for easy storage
    • Detachable cable
    • Cable terminated with 4-PIN XLR female
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    Introducing the NEW SmartBoom PRO Headset

    The ONLY headset featuring SmartBoom technology and a sleek, new design ideal for sponsorship branding.

    The new SmartBoom PRO Headset from CoachComm meets the standards of traditional, reliable headsets while introducing modern features and design enhancements. The SmartBoom® PRO Headset features our SmartBoom technology, allowing the microphone boom to act as an On/Off switch for quick microphone muting. Additionally, the headset provides high ambient-noise reduction and produces high quality audio using a hyper-cardioid dynamic microphone. The headset has a flexible design and soft padding to offer superior comfort.

    Read More about SmartBoom PRO

    Bose® SoundComm™ B30 Headset

    From the leader in sideline communication.


    • Acoustic Noise Cancelling® technology provides increased attenuation of low-frequency noise.
    • Clear audio for enhanced communications.
    • Improved level of comfort achieved through choice of materials, distribution of weight, low clamping force and dedicated left and right earcups.
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    Every second and every play matters, and as the season progresses and the stakes continue to grow you want every advantage you can get. The Bose SoundComm B30 Headset provides enhanced communication and is engineered for significantly improved comfort, audio and noise reduction compared to conventional passive headsets. While Bose has a long history of using active noise cancellation technology, the introduction of the SoundComm B30 Headset with active noise cancellation represents a breakthrough in the sports intercom environment, where noise is pervasive and game day communication and comfort are critical.

    What's different about the Bose headset?

    • Durable and robust design made to endure the wear and tear of everyday use, and the temperature and environmental extremes in outdoor environments.
    • Noise cancelling microphone for clear transmissions.
    • Proprietary cushion design provides a critical acoustic seal.
    • Contoured headband and earcup design.

    Bose SoundComm B30 single-ear and dual-ear headsets with microphone boom located on either the left or right ear, and cable terminated with a 4-Pin Female XLR connector feature acoustic noise-cancelling technology providing increased low-frequency noise attenuation.


    After Hours Technical Support

    After Hours Support is available to X-System customers who have purchased an annual support contract with CoachComm.

    X-System College Headset System
    Tel: 1.800.749.2761 (Ext. 525)
    Hours: Monday thru Friday – 5:01pm-7:59am; Saturday and Sunday – 24 hours, all holidays included. [CST]