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  • Clear, Secure Communication: 2.4 GHz Frequency with no FCC license required.
  • Connex Grows with Your Program:  Connex can be expanded to eight coaches in the press box and ten on the field.
  • Two Channels of Communication:  The Connex System has two separate channels for communication, one for offense   coaches, and one for defense.
  • SmartBoom PRO Headsets: The CoachComm SBP Headsets are available in single or double-sided models.
  • Powerful Lithium Ion Batteries: 10 hours of continuous operation time and a quick charge time of 2.5 hours.
  • Rugged and Reliable:  Two-year warranty on parts and labor included.
  • Users: Up to Nine (Special configurations available)
  • No FCC License Required
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Warranty: 2 Years on parts and labor




Our Best Selling Configurations

Our Best Selling Connex Configurations power your sideline communications for a win. Connex can be customized for any program. Build your system from 2 to 18 coaches and anywhere in between. Customize your system or choose from our best sellers.

Crystal clear communication, quick set up and simple operation make CoachComm Connex the new standard in headset systems for high schools and colleges. When you need a high performance, hands-free system that fits into your budget*, Connex is the answer.


Set-Up in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1 Attach the Antenna

Attach the antenna to the Connex command center in the press box.


Step 2 Plug In

Plug in a headset to each beltpack or to the command center in the pressbox.


Step 3 Turn On

Turn on the power and adjust the volume on each unit. Everything is battery operated, and there is no AC required.

S-Series Headsets

The S-Series Headsets with SmartBoom™ technology provide an effortless solution to enhancing the overall quality and performance of your sideline communications.  This new technology allows you to mute the headset mic by simply raising the boom.  This eliminates the need to push the talk button and makes talking and listening easier.

CoachComm’s S-Series headset now makes it possible for coaches to have exceptional audio quality on game day without
sacrificing comfort.  Click here to request more information


Tempest NG Support

After Hours Technical Support

Available for NG and Tempest NG College Systems.

Tempest NG College Headset System
Tel: 1.800.749.2761 (Ext. 525)
Hours: Monday thru Friday – 5:01pm-7:59am; Saturday and Sunday – 24 hours, all holidays included. [CST]

NG College Headset System
Tel: 1.800.749.2761 (Ext. 526)
Hours: Monday thru Friday – 5:01pm-7:59am; Saturday and Sunday – 24 hours, all holidays included. [CST]


Introducing the NEW SmartBoom PRO Headset

The ONLY headsets featuring SmartBoom technology and a sleek, new design ideal for sponsorship branding.

The new SmartBoom PRO Headset from CoachComm meets the standards of traditional, reliable headsets while introducing modern features and design enhancements. The SmartBoom® PRO Headset features our SmartBoom technology, allowing the microphone boom to act as an On/Off switch for quick microphone muting. Additionally, the headset provides high ambient-noise reduction and produces high quality audio using a hyper-cardioid dynamic microphone. The headset has a flexible design and soft padding to offer superior comfort.

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