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Houston ISD

Athletic Director Marmion Dambrino

Houston Independent School District

Marmion Dambrino
Athletic Director

AD Quote

“You won’t find a coach of mine that isn’t crazy about CoachComm.”

  • Houston, TX
  • Barnett Stadium
  • Butler Stadium
  • Cowart Stadium
  • Delmar/Dyer Stadium
  • Connex
  • Marmion Dambrino, AD
  • Devin Headsley, Asst. AD
  • Andre’ Walker, Asst. AD
  • Scott Crawford, Asst. AD
  • Carey Palmer, Asst. AD
  • Sharla Gordon, Asst. AD
Notable Alumni
  • Joseph Addai, NFL
  • Donald Driver, NFL
  • Josh Gordon, NFL
  • Darrell Green, NFL
  • Brandon LaFell, NFL
  • Dexter Manley, NFL
  • Damion Square, NFL
  • Jose Cruz, MLB
  • Anthony Rendon, MLB
  • Clyde Drexler, NBA
  • Daniel Gibson, NBA
  • Greg Kite, NBA
  • John Lucas III, NBA
  • Patrick Swayze, Actor and Dancer
  • David Dewhurst, Lieutenant Gov of Texas
  • James E. White, Texas State Representative

The Houston Independent School District (HISD) football programs consist of 24 high schools, with home games played in one of the four HISD operated
stadiums: Barnett, Butler, Delmar, and Dyer. These 24 high schools are in three classifications: District 20-5A, District 21-4A, and District 23-3A. Each football team has a designated home field, and all district games are played in one of the four stadiums. The philosophy of the HISD is to provide a world class experience in all areas of education, including athletics. Providing the best possible venue ensures every district team plays in a winning environment.

In the world of Texas sports, football is king. HISD knows the coaches’ communication system is an essential component to be competitive with the best teams in the state. When it was time to purchase a headset system for the HISD schools, focus was centered on the advantage of investing in a communication system for each of the stadiums, rather than the individual schools. Houston’s ISD decided CoachComm’s Connex system was the best choice for their sideline communications. Purchasing Connex as a district would not only ease the financial burden of individual programs, it would give the HISD football teams a competitive advantage over their non-district opponents throughout the season. “It is important to help kids succeed,” stated Marmion Dambrino, Athletic Director for the Houston ISD. Dambrino added, “You won’t find a coach that doesn’t get excited about CoachComm and Connex.” With the Connex headset system in the four district stadiums, coaches from every team are assured clear, consistent communication throughout the game. Connex is not only rugged and durable; it is easy to set up, has a long battery life, and is customizable to grow with any program. CoachComm’s proven technology is specifically designed for Texas-sized stadiums and has become an integral part of thousands of high school football programs across the country.

According to Dambrino, “We never outgrow CoachComm.” Houston’s ISD knows they can count on CoachComm’s winning solutions and great customer support as they move forward with building championship teams in their district.