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North Shore High School

Head Coach David Aymond

North Shore High School

David Aymond
Head Football Coach

Coach Profile

Coach David Aymond first came to North Shore High School in 1994. Having set a state record for regular season wins, won a State Championship, and eight consecutive undefeated seasons his coaching record is quite impressive. During his career, Coach Aymond has served as a Director in Greater Houston Football Coaches Association and Director of the Texas High School Coaches Association. He was been awarded nine District Coach-of-the-Year Honors, including Coach-of-the-Year in 1996, Coach-of-the-Year Finalist in 2002 and Coach-of-the-Year in 2003 by the Touchdown Club of Houston, Inc. He was selected as 5A Coach-of-the-Year by the Houston Texans of the NFL in 2003 and became a Greater Houston Football Coaches Association Hall of Honor Inductee in 2008. Coach David Aymond coached in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in both 2010 and 2011.

  • Houston, TX
  • David P. Aymond, HC
  • Dustin Bromley, STC, Safeties
  • Garrett Cross, CB
  • Jeff Ellison, OL
  • Mark Hopkins, TE
  • Todd Rankin, WR
  • Shaun Wynn, DL
  • Thomas Dunson, LB
  • Willie Gaston, RB
  • Jon Kay, DC
  • Connex
  • 4 up, 9 down
  • Mustangs
  • Scarlet & White
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“A tradition of excellence in the playoff era,” North Shore lives up to its tagline boasting 19 playoff seasons. The Mustangs went 12-2 last year, with District record of 5-1, and a JV record of 10-0. The last decade has given North Shore High School an impressive 122-16 record.

In recent history, the North Shore team, under the leadership of Coach David Aymond, has won 58 straight district games and 12 District Championships, and set a state record of 78 regular-season wins (2008). North Shore was State Semi-Finalist (14-1) in 2007 and 5A Div. State Champions (15-0) in 2003.

Coach David Aymond coached in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in both 2010 and 2011 with a player from his team participating in each of those
games. Dajleon Farr (2005), Trey Hopkins and DeAndrew White (2010) and Sedrick Flowers (2011) of North Shore High School were all U.S. Army All-American Bowl participants.

North Shore produces a number of collegiate athletes as well as NFL players from their Varsity football team. Coach Aymond has mentored over 170
college scholarship signees. Chykie Brown of the Baltimore Ravens, Earl Mitchell of the Houston Texans, Cory Redding of the Indianapolis Colts, and Kevin Rutland of the Jacksonville Jaguars all played at North Shore.

“Our Connex system has the simplest set-up and easiest operation of any system we’ve used.”

Coach Aymond attributes some of his program’s great success to Connex, “We, as a staff, are very happy with our relationship and experience with CoachComm. Our Connex system has the simplest setup and easiest operation of any system we’ve used, but CoachComm is always available to us whenever we need service. For us, that’s invaluable.”