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University of Wisconsin

Head Coach Gary Andersen

University of Wisconsin

Coach Gary Andersen
Head Football Coach

Coach Profile

Coach Gary Andersen comes to the University of Wisconsin football program this year from his previous position as Head Coach at Utah State University (2009-2012). Andersen began his football career playing center at Ricks College (now Brigham Young University–Idaho), where he received first-team junior college All-American honors in 1984. He then transferred to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, where he lettered on the football team for two years before graduating in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Andersen was the head coach at Utah State for four seasons. His fourth and final year was the most successful, as the 2012 Utah State Aggies won 11 games and lost only two.

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  • Alan Ameche
    1954 Heisman Trophy Winner
  • Kenneth Behring
    Former owner, Seattle Seahawks
  • Steven Bornstein
    President and CEO, NFL Network
  • Ron Dayne
    1999 Heisman Trophy Winner


Tempo has enabled our program to efficiently operate practice and maximize our time spent on the field.” – Zach Nyborg
Dir. of Football Ops.

Head Coach Gary Andersen joined the University of Wisconsin last December, just after he led Utah State to their most successful season in school history. But a new head coach isn’t the only major adjustment to the Badgers’ Division I football program this year. Director of Football Operations, Zach Nyborg is excited about the team’s new state-of-the-art system: Tempo. “The CoachComm Tempo System has enabled our program to efficiently operate a practice and maximize our time spent on the field. The ability to essentially choreograph practice while having the flexibility to manufacture adverse situations for our players and coaches is an asset in preparing our team for big-time atmospheres in big-time football games. Purchasing the Tempo System was one of the first things Coach Andersen wanted to accomplish when hired at Wisconsin because we recognize the benefits the system provides,” says Nyborg.

The Badgers run a very fast-paced practice while playing music, crowd noise, or other sounds at all times. While the coaches prefer to play loud music for most of practice to focus and energize the players, Special Teams are treated to crowd noise to simulate a game day environment.

Each day, Wisconsin’s coaches load the practice script and music, and then Tempo keeps them moving from period to period in the most efficient way possible. Tempo’s mobility allows the staff to move the system between the team’s indoor and outdoor facilities, so they’re able to use it for every practice. Nyborg uses the Commando T remote on the field to add time to periods, adjust system volume, skip ahead to the next period, or make other adjustments they may need.

According to the staff, being able to keep the assistant coaches on a schedule is the most important thing they gain from using Tempo. Coach Andersen’s goal is to get the kids on and off the field as quickly as possible while maximizing the time spent on the field, and Tempo helps make that happen. Nyborg says, “We have been able to reduce the amount of time our kids have to be on the field by practice being more efficient and helping us to transition from period to period faster. It helps the players and coaches anticipate transitions.”

The team says having music playing throughout practice adds juice and energy while forcing them to have to dial in to what their coaches are telling them and really listen intently. CoachComm’s Tempo system has improved practice across the board, and the Badgers look forward to moving into a new season with their new system.