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Sanitizing and Cleaning Your X-System, CoachComm Cobalt, and SmartBoom Products

Below, you’ll find recommendations for safely cleaning and sanitizing CoachComm products.

Recommended Cleaning Methods

  • Before cleaning devices, ensure they are all powered off and unplugged from outlets.

  • When cleaning, apply cleansing agent to a soft cloth or microfiber cloth and then wipe devices.Avoid applying, soaking, or spraying cleansing agent directly onto devices. Refer to the section below for a list of recommended cleansing agents.

  • Microphone Windscreens (from headsets) can be washed with soap and water. Allow windscreen to air dry before reapplying to headset.


Recommended Cleansing Agents (For Disinfecting and Sanitizing)

  • Alcohol – At a minimum, use a 70% alcohol solution.

  • Disinfectant Wipes – Brands such as Clorox® or Lysol® are an acceptable option to wipe and clean devices.


What to Avoid

We recommend avoiding the following cleansing options due to possibility of materials being degraded, discolored, etc.

  • UV Lighting

  • Bleaches

  • Multi-purpose kitchen, bathroom, or laundry sprays or liquids


Available Replacement Parts

The following SmartBoom headset replacement parts are available for purchase. Contact your CoachComm Sales Representative or Customer Service to place your order.









Windscreen for SB11LE-DM/DMG (10 Pack)

Foam Ear Pad for SB11LE-DM/DMG (6 Pack)

Windscreen for SBP-151/152/191E/191D/192D (10 Pack)

Windscreen for SBP-151/152/191E/191D/192D (1 each)

Ear Socks for SBP-151/152/191E/191D/192D (10 Pack)

Ear Pad for SBP-151/152/191E/191D/192D (1 each)



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