Cobalt Plus football headset system features



The NEW Cobalt PLUS coaching headset system provides coaches with the flexibility needed for effective game-day communications and is coupled with the industry's most trusted D-1 SmartBoom PRO headset. 


In addition, Cobalt PLUS is compatible with the new Cobalt PLUS Player Receiver Pack for communicating with your players and providing an extra edge in practice.

  • Ideally suited for larger staffs

  • Works great in larger stadiums
  • Up to six available Talk Channels

  • Enhanced Home and Away Coordination

  • Compatible with the Cobalt PLUS Player Communications for practice

  • Coach-friendly user interface with large, easy-to-read display

  • 900MHz avoids Wi-Fi Interference and works better though press box glass

  • Outstanding audio performance in high noise environments

  • Rugged IP67-rated construction for all weather conditions

  • Exceptional Audio Quality with Q-Tech Noise Suppression

  • No Basestation Required!

  • D-1 SmartBoom® Headsets

  • Two-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor Included

  • Backed by CoachComm's Proven Service and Support


900MHz band avoids Wi-Fi interference and works better with Press Box Glass




Coaches hear clearly in loud, challenging environments.


Rugged construction to perform in all weather conditions


Up to six talk channels and unlimited users.

Also compatible with the Cobalt PLUS Player Receiver Pack


Exclusive encryption protocol per system heard only by your team.

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