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"In 35 years of coaching High School football we have used a lot of different headsets for communication. I thought the Cobalt was great, but this Cobalt PLUS is exceptional. Great clarity allows for the best communication we have ever had on game day. Allows for coaches to communicate quickly and gives us the best chance to make calls and adjustments for our players. I would highly recommend Cobalt PLUS to ensure your best game day results."

- Ron Woitalewicz, Head Coach
Dakota Ridge High School [CO]

“When we went out to look, we were looking for something that had durability, quality, was easy to use, but it also had a great price. When we went to look, we searched the web… and we found that this was the best product on the market…”
– Donnie Burdine, Head Football Coach
South Laurel High School [KY]

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“I had already cut up a P.O. for a new competitor’s system. After hearing the audio quality and discovering the ease-of-use of the new Cobalt system from CoachComm, it was a no brainer! I tore up that P.O. and went with Cobalt!”
– Trent Taylor, Head Football Coach
Andalusia High School [AL]

“The system worked perfect! Great sound quality and no static. It was like I was sitting right next to my coaches! Cobalt is great!”
– Darrell Higgins, Head Football Coach
Mars Hill Bible School [AL]

“Great service, great product!”
– Brandon Carter, Wide Receivers Coach
Community Christian College

“The experience was very easy.”
– Cosmo Lorusso, Head Football Coach
Roxbury High School [NJ]

“It's pretty easy to use. We got it out of the box, plugged it right in. It's pretty intuitive and very easy for even someone like me to figure out how to get it charged up. A couple hours later, we're out there plugging it in. We didn't even read the directions. We just turned it on and tried to figure out how to get it done. We're out there on the field and we have no issues with it. It's easy to operate.
We also had no problem with punching through a rather thick piece of glass that covers our press box. We were a little concerned about that going in. I don't have concerns about it anymore. It worked fine.
So, we think we got a good product for a good price and we're thankful to CoachComm for helping us out..”
– Andy Wolfrum, Head Football Coach
Army-West Point Prep [NY]

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“I love everything about the Cobalt system. It's very, very lightweight. It's easy to set up. Literally, you just push a couple buttons and we're up and running. It takes less than five minutes for us to set up for all thirteen coaches that are using a headset. I couldn't be any more happier with it.
Also, a unique thing is I have a couple listen-only. So, if I have a couple of younger coaches on my staff and Friday nights, I don't want to hear them, I can shut them off and just let them hear the play and be able to hear the play that's called”
– Romeo Pellum, Head Football Coach
Millikan High School [CA]

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“The Cobalt system is just amazing. So much better, lighter, and the sound is great. No issues.
Thank you so much, CoachComm!”
– Ron Woitalewicz, Head Football Coach
Dakota Ridge High School [CO]

“We moved to the Cobalt system...and so far, so good. We haven't had any issues. We're running full speed on Friday nights. The customer service has been incredible. We've been able to make adjustments within our system to make sure they're running at top notch, and it's easy phone calls.
That's been my favorite thing is I've been able to get a hold of CoachComm and they return a call right away. We’re able to fix any issues that we've had over the phone. It wasn't even issues; it was making the system even better.”
– Jeff VanDenHul
Dakota Valley High School [SD]​

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“We've had many different headsets over the years. From HME to Telex and this system here has been just night and day difference. It's been reliable for us. It just has worked fantastic for us. It's easy to set up. It's easy to charge. There's no big cables and no antennas.
It's just done everything I wanted to do and the best part about it is the price is extremely fair and reasonable for high school programs. So, I couldn't be happier with the product we have.”
– Brian Webb, Head Football Coach
East High School [IA]

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“I switched to the Cobalt system this year. We have been very pleased with everything...from communication between coaches switching over back and forth to crystal clear voice messages from everyone.

Last year, we had a system that did not work and we tried this system and will be with this company for years to come.”

– Marvin Dooley, Head Football Coach/Athletic Director
St. Elizabeth High School [DE]

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“We had never used CoachComm before. The price was very affordable.”

– Bryan Baldwin, Head Football Coach
Titusville High School [PA]

“It is always a quick and easy conversation with the sales team or support team to have headsets fixed.”

– Matt Hershey, Head Football Coach
Pandora-Gilboa High School [OH]

“Everything went well. They didn't make the process more complicated than it needed to be.”

– John McCreery, Assistant Coach
Blackman High School [TN]

“..we had an excellent season thanks to the Cobalt product by CoachComm. We switched over last year and, obviously, it made a big difference in our season.
We went from 3-6 to 11-1 and an appearance in the championship game, first time in over a decade, and due to the communication and, obviously everything was clear this year, we had a great season.
We were able to communicate with one another. We got our calls in, our signals in, throughout the season and, obviously, none of that would've been possible without CoachComm's product: Cobalt."

– Hakeem Sule, Head Football Coach
McDonogh High School [MD]

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“We used Cobalt this last season and had a lot of success with them and we're really excited about the product and really excited, looking forward to using them this year."

– Gabe Tardive, Head Football Coach
Le Mars High School [IA]

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“We use the Cobalt system. When we switched from the 900, it worked out great. It eliminated all static. Any noise at all was eliminated. It worked great at home and wherever we traveled, we had no issues. The setup was the easiest setup we've had yet. Right, it was just a turn on and turn off, break down and it was over with. The headsets worked great. They weren't loose and were solid all throughout the game. The communications were really clear, it blocked out all the background noise."

– Terry Stark, Head Football Coach
Inderkum High School [CA]

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“We use Cobalt for our football program. It's been great for us. We haven't had any issues at all. It's a very easy setup. We didn't really have to know anything going in. We were able to problem solve and get them all working. (We) never have any static in the headsets. They work great. We are very happy to have them."

– Ryan Hitz, Offensive Coordinator
Lincoln Northeast High School [NE]

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