"Our first year with the new CoachComm Cobalt PLUS headsets played a vital role in capturing our first state championship in school history! The communication allowed the staff to effectively make adjustments."

- Mark Lyons, Head Football Coach

Central Valley High School [PA]

"Last year we wanted to update our sideline headsets. We looked at a few different companies but we decided to give CoachComm a shot and I'm glad we did. Not only are they selling a great product, but they went out of their way to make sure that we were taken care of. I hope they decide to sell other football products, they would have a return customer here for sure."

- Paul Theriault, Head Coach

Bremerton High School [WA]

"These things are phenomenal. From the sound quality, feel, sound cancellation, everything… we have a rival, competitive headset deal, but these Cobalt PLUS (headsets) knock those out of the park."

- Mike Minikwu, Offensive Coordinator

Iowa Central Community College [IA]

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"The Cobalt PLUS System is awesome. I love how easy the setup is. It takes a couple of minutes to set up and you are good to go for the whole game. The battery life is very long and lasted us two games. The charging is very easy and the clarity is very good as well. Our football program does not have a lot of money, but we had to get CoachComm headsets (the best headsets on the market) and the Cobalt headsets were very affordable. They definitely helped us communicate in practice and on game day to help us to a 3-1 regular-season record in my first year at Bishop during this pandemic in 2020. For schools out there that have a budget and not a lot of money in the football program, the Cobalt system is definitely a no-brainer."

- Louie Rodriguez, Head Coach

Bishop High School [TX]

"Our Cobalt PLUS system was a great asset to us this spring. They were much easier to work with than systems we'd used in the past. This allowed us to use them in practice much more than we'd previously been able, and to practice more situational football than we normally would."

- Tony Testa, Head Coach

West Virginia Wesleyan College [WV]

"The Cobalt headsets are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and simple to navigate from channel to channel. The communication is crystal clear especially from longer distances, sideline to press box. In the past we have had some issues with certain stadiums and our communication cutting in and out, not with the Cobalt headsets, I would recommend these to any staff."

- Chris Smithley, Head Coach

Waynesburg University [PA]

"We finished up our first year with our new Cobalt PLUS headsets. We had zero issues with this system. I would highly recommend these headsets to anyone that is looking for highly performing headsets. The support team at CoachComm is outstanding as well. They will configure your headsets to fit your program's needs. After using this system for a year, I have no doubt that we picked the right system with Cobalt PLUS."

- Chris Koetting, Head Coach

Canadian High School [TX]

"I really enjoyed using the new Cobalt PLUS system this year. I especially liked the size of the unit as well as the clarity of the system."

- Blair Harrison, Head Coach

Brookstone High School [GA]

"In a year of so much uncertainty the two things we could count on were: Each Other and our CoachComm Cobalt PLUS headsets! They delivered in every way possible...including peace of mind!"

- Zach Blum, Head Coach
Middletown High School [DE]

"Cobalt PLUS has been such a huge help to our program, we have had great communication on the sidelines between our coaches that has allowed us to make in-game adjustments. Cobalt PLUS is very durable during weather as well. We had two games last year where it was raining very hard and we still had clear communication on the headsets and no water damage after the game was over. I would recommend Cobalt PLUS to all high school football programs around the country."

-Johnathan Wilson, Head Coach
Klein Forest High School [TX]

"The Cobalt PLUS is an amazing bang for your buck. The flexibility and versatility of the system is unmatched, being able to change user profiles with ease. This is a system that we use everyday, for practice and games. It does not matter how many people are in the stands, it always provides crystal clear communication."

- Matthew Forester, Head Coach
Briarwood Christian School [AL]

"Making the switch to upgrade was a game changer. The clarity and dependability were incredible. In the past we would have that away game where we had issues because the press box was too far away or just interference was causing crackling. As soon as we upgraded this season, we had zero issues and played in 15 games. We played in the rain and every type of stadium and had zero issues. I would highly recommend making the switch."

-Lenny Gregory, Head Coach
Collins Hill High School [GA]

"The new Cobalt PLUS system from CoachComm has been a game changer for us. With easy setup, great quality, and customer service that is unmatched, CoachComm is definitely the way to go."

- Israel Troupe, Offensive Coordinator 
Monroe Comprehensive High School [GA]

"Fantastic experience with Dann Rogers and CoachComm. Our program was in desperate need of a headset upgrade mid-season. I sent an email to CoachComm from their website and Dann reached out to many in only a few hours. I spoke to him early in the week and we received our new headsets by the game on Friday night. Dann didn't try to upsell me on a product that we didn't need. He got us in the right headsets for the program and got them to us quickly. Great experience."

- Blake Henry, Head Coach
St. Andrew's School [GA]

"CoachComm is by far the superior sideline communication company. The easy set up and crystal clear audio creates an efficient game day for our program. If you're about winning, they provide the systems, service and support to make that happen. The choice is easy, CoachComm."

- Nick Alexander, Head Coach 
Walsh Jesuit High School [OH]

"Our new CoachComm Cobalt PLUS system is a game-changer. The clarity is exceptional and the setup is so easy. The new system is durable and reliable, unlike any headset we have used before. Lastly, the customer service is always quick and easy with full transparency. I would recommend CoachComm to any team wanting a first class system."

- Mark Weber, Head Coach
Teays Valley High School [OH]

"We absolutely love the system. It's lightweight, easy to set up, affordable, and high quality sound. We've had great success with CoachComm."

- Greg Davis, Head Coach 
Northeast Mississippi Community College [MS]

"The Cobalt PLUS system has been flawless on game day! Super clear audio, and no hassle to set up. I would recommend to any coach looking to purchase a new system."

- Benjy Parker, Head Coach
Northwest Mississippi Community College [MS]