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*All Connex products entered an end-of-life phase in 2019.  Support of this product and its parts is scheduled to end December 31, 2024.  For more information on CoachComm’s newest products and technology, contact our sales team at

  • Can I use any headset with the Cobalt system?
    Only Cobalt compatible "electret" headsets will work properly with the Cobalt system.
  • Can I add a coach to my Cobalt system?
    Yes! Simply give us a call and we'll help you get another coach added for a minimal cost.
  • I have a question or an issue with my system. How do I get help?
    CoachComm is happy to help!
  • Is there a quick start guide for Cobalt?
    Yes. Click here to find everything you need for your Cobalt system.
  • How do I change a radio pack ID?
    Please call in to Customer Service 800-749-2761 for guidance on your first attempt. There are several steps to accomplish ID changes and one missed step can impact radio performance.
  • Why do I have to set my radio packs to Home and Away when I power them up?
    If your opponent is using Cobalt or any other 900MHz CoachComm product, setting band operating perimeters allows the two systems in the press box to work better together.
  • How many coaches can Cobalt support?
    The Cobalt system can accomodate an unlimited number of users (i.e. as many as 9 coaches in full duplex plus an unlimited number of coaches communicating in a listen-only mode, if necessary).
  • How many separate channels (conversations) can coexist on Cobalt?
    Two (offense and defense).
  • If the primary master goes down or the battery is being replaced, can another unit take over as the master?"
    No. The master beltpack must be manually designated within the menu of the beltpack and only one master can be set up per system.
  • Will the system continue to work as expected, other than losing connected ports, if the master goes offline?"
    No. The system requires the master beltpack to be on for the rest of the system to operate.
  • Does it require a base station in the press box?
    No. Cobalt does not require a base station and uses pack-to-pack communication.
  • How long is the battery life?
    10 hours.
  • Is the battery removable and rechargeable in the charger without the beltpack?
  • Will Cobalt coexist with Wi-Fi?
    Yes. The Cobalt system operates in the 900 MHz, which is not affected by Wi-Fi.
  • Will Cobalt work in a large stadium?
    Yes. Cobalt has been used in some of the largest college and NFL stadiums in the country.
  • Does Cobalt work well in the rain?
    Cobalt's rugged construction is water resistant and proven to withstand the rain and elements. The beltpack is also worn in a holster adding an additional layer of protection.
  • Is Cobalt compatible with player communications?
    No. If you're interested in player communications (coach-to-player), we recommend the Cobalt PLUS system.
  • Is the Cobalt system compatible with the Cobalt PLUS system?
    No. These are different products; however, you can contact us and take advantage of any trade-in or upgrade offers available to upgrade to the Cobalt PLUS system!
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