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CoachComm X-System Coaching Headset Systems for football sidelines



X2 - High School Small College


Powerful Management of Game Communications

  • X-Ware game day interface enables real-time monitoring and changes at your fingertips.

  • Profile-based workflow for managing individual coach/user settings.

  • Quickly manage coaches, assignments, and in-game adjustments.

  • Large touch screen for greater access and control of information.

CoachComm X-Ware for coaching headset system management

Rugged Design and Advanced Features

  • Small and lightweight

  • Simple-to-operate, familiar user interface

  • Large, easy-to-read display showing useful user information.

  • Digitally encrypted radio signals for maxium communication security.

  • Set up multiple custom point-to-point direct communication paths between wireless coaches/users.

X-System Radio Pack for football communication

Enhanced Sound and Clarity

  • Greater clarity enables easy distinction between individual talkers.

  • Hear other coaches more clearly

  • Lower ear fatigue over long periods of use.

  • Improved performance in loud stadiums.

X-System Enhanced Sound Quality

SmartBoom Headsets

  • Features superior comfort, durability and noise reduction in loud stadiums.

  • Outstanding audio quality with enhanced acoustic isolation

  • Sleek, low profile design available in single and dual-ear models

  • Ear cup offers premium sponsorship branding space

  • Dynamic, noise-cancelling cardioid microphone

  • Flexible, ambidextrous swiveling mic boom

  • Raising the boom mutes the Mic

  • Collapsible design for easy storage

  • Detachable cable

  • Cable terminated with 4-PIN XLR female

CoachComm SmartBoom PRO football coach headset
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