CoachComm X-System Coaching Headset Systems for football sidelines


X2 - High School Small College


Powerful Management of Game Communications

  • X-Ware game day interface enables real-time monitoring and changes at your fingertips.

  • Profile-based workflow for managing individual coach/user settings.

  • Quickly manage coaches, assignments, and in-game adjustments.

  • Large touch screen for greater access and control of information.

Rugged Design and Advanced Features

  • Small and lightweight

  • Simple-to-operate, familiar user interface

  • Large, easy-to-read display showing useful user information.

  • Digitally encrypted radio signals for maxium communication security.

  • Set up multiple custom point-to-point direct communication paths between wireless coaches/users.

Enhanced Sound and Clarity

  • Greater clarity enables easy distinction between individual talkers.

  • Hear other coaches more clearly

  • Lower ear fatigue over long periods of use.

  • Improved performance in loud stadiums.

SmartBoom Headsets

  • Features superior comfort, durability and noise reduction in loud stadiums.

  • Outstanding audio quality with enhanced acoustic isolation

  • Sleek, low profile design available in single and dual-ear models

  • Ear cup offers premium sponsorship branding space

  • Dynamic, noise-cancelling cardioid microphone

  • Flexible, ambidextrous swiveling mic boom

  • Raising the boom mutes the Mic

  • Collapsible design for easy storage

  • Detachable cable

  • Cable terminated with 4-PIN XLR female

CoachComm SmartBoom PRO football coach headset
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Based out of Auburn, Ala., CoachComm offers the best communications equipment and coaching tools available on the market today.  With more than 30 years of unrivaled excellence in coaching headset communications, we’ve built our business on winning. CoachComm is the wireless coaching communications provider for 97% of FBS teams and thousands of high school and small college programs across the country.  At every level, from high school to college, champions trust CoachComm for their coaching communications, shouldn't you?



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