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CoachComm X-System Digital Press Box




Wireless Press Box II

X-System Sideline Cart

  • Highly engineered solution

  • Large 19" high-resolution touch screen

  • Improved higher antenna mast and mount

  • Storage for all major system components

  • X-Drive electric motor for enhanced mobility and breaking

X-System Digital Pressbox

  • Digital signal transport across stadium fiber.

    • Superior sound quality

    • Secure communications

    • Redundant Analog (dry pair backup)


  • Remote access to X-Ware.

    • Faster solutions to in-game needs

    • Digital dashboard for complete system at one glance


  • Wireless in the pressbox.

    • Point to point conferencing between coaches

    • Same radio pack interface offering access to up to 3 conferences

    • Less clutter around coaches

    • Faster setup and teardown

CoachComm Sideline Communications X-Cart
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