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“Football is a game of immediate transitions and we want our players and coaches to have that aspect taught to them at practice. We don’t want to waste any time during transitions.  Tempo has allowed us to do that.  Our practices are fast and we get a lot of quality work with the transitions and I feel like our guys are prepared better to play a real football game on Friday nights.
Tempo is that it helps us stay on pace, on track.  The system tells you what you need to do.  Our level of practice is elevated because it allows coaches to stick with the practice schedule and plan.  For our players, it gives them a sense of comfort, them knowing where they are going and not worrying about what is going to happen next.  Tempo tells us what is next. For us, it has been vital in getting a lot of work done in a very short time.
If you want to improve your practice structure, you want to improve the efficiency – really getting rid of the down time, then the Tempo system is an excellent system to help you do those things.
They can tell a difference in their players.  One, they are conditioned to a fast tempo because there is no dead/down time.  Two, the security in being able to practice, knowing what is next – mentally, the Tempo system has helped us become more structured and attentive to detail.”

- Jeff Conaway, Head Football Coach
Shiloh Christian School [AR]

  "We found the advantage with eVenue Tempo.  We always want to be on the cutting-edge and with Tempo, we’ve found the advantage we’ve been looking for…it keeps us on track so no one gets behind.  It’s great for our kids because the music fires them up.  Tempo literally sets the tone for our entire practice and no doubt, it makes a difference by keeping us on schedule and keeping everything upbeat and positive.  We make sure to take it to our away games, too."
- Josh Floyd, Head Football Coach
Hewitt-Trussville High School [AL]

“It keeps us on schedule.  Reps and coaches know they have to stay on point. It excites the kids and keeps efficiency up 30 to 40%. The up tempo and it is invaluable…keeps short attention spans engaged. Excitement.  Keeps excitement level constant throughout practice.”
- Jeff Vanderbeek, Head Football Coach
Somerville High School [NJ]

We purchased because we felt like it could take practice to a new level on a daily basis. Also, being able to use the system throughout the entire school district was something they felt was a huge advantage...sound quality and the versatility of being able to use it at all of the schools.
In this day and age, we have to do all we can to keep our kids engaged at a high level and we think that clear, quality music will help do that. We also know that the segment time helps keep our practice on time and on a championship level.
The kids absolutely love it. It definitely brings high energy to our practice and then amps up the intensity and focus as well.”
- David Brewerton, Head Football Coach
Zachary High School [LA]

“It's extremely important to stay on schedule and practice efficiently and eVenue Tempo helps us do that. There is no question that ithelps our players have a more enthusiastic attitude. When we practice without it, we immediately see a difference in our players.
It has become a vital tool for us.

- Bill Patterson, Athletic Director
Owasso High School [OK]

“eVenue Tempo is an amazing machine.  It's hard to tell someone just how valuable Tempo is to our program. Moving from period to period without having someone to organize it all is incredible. It frees up coaches and managers time and that is invaluable.”
- Todd Knight, Head Football Coach
Ouachita Baptist University [AR]

“eVenue Tempo gives you a way to be more organized at practice. If you had to go a day when you didn't have the system, it would be tough on us. Our coaches have learned and are much more efficient because of the system. We know what period we are doing things and we run music all through practice.
With the flexibility of the system, we can raise the music, tone it down to teach, structure periods, etc. This has made us more efficient and while I'm old school, I never want to leave a period without getting it all done but now, we are more aware of where we are in practice and can pace it better.
The day just runs much more efficiently by having the system, not to mention pumping up the kids and the crowd. eVenue Tempo is a huge asset to our program.

- Mark Freeman, Head Football Coach
Thompson High School [AL]

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