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eVenue Overview
  • eVenue Overview
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  • eVenue Overview
    Hand Remote
    • Superior Quality, Audio System
    • Mobile/Scalable Design
    • Distributed Coverage

    Revolutionary mobile events management

    Concert quality audio and events workflow management for any live venue.

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    Overview of eVenue Thunder

    eVenue Thunder is a revolutionary mobile event management system that offers concert quality audio and workflow management for any live venue. eVenue Thunder can work larger events as one big family or be scaled down for smaller events. Two events at the same time? No problem. Split eVenue up to perform at multiple events at the same time. The eVenue Thunder family can be customized to best fit your school’s needs and budget.

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    eVenue Thunder Key Features:
    • Superior Quality, Audio System
    • Distributed Coverage
    • Highly Mobile and Scalable Design
    • Optional Event Scripting Software
    • Safety Conscious Features



    Students like eVenue Thunder because it rocks. Administrators like eVenue Thunder because it rolls.

    Thunder’s depth of sound and high clarity improve the audience’s experience, by keeping fans, students, and players motivated and engaged with music, sound effects or any audio file that you can dream up.  Administrators will love Thunder because it’s mobile and can be easily moved to any school venue, indoors or outdoors.  Thunder also helps administrators provide under-funded school and athletic programs with an event atmosphere they never dreamed possible.


    eVenue Thunder System Elements: Four Main Components
    eVenue ePod
    eVenue Thunder Master
    (System Control)
    • Put Your Sound Where You Need It
    • Deployed:
    • Transport:
      • High Ground Clearance
      • Less Than 6’ Tall
      • Move Around Campus
      • Fits Thru Common Commercial Door
    • Patent-Pending Mobile Platform
    • Concert Quality Sound with Professional Grade Speaker System
    • Easy-to-Use
    • Rugged Transportable Design, Weather Resistant
    • Input Audio Management (Mics, MP3 Players, CD, etc.)
    • Output Audio Management (Left, Right and Center to ePods)
    • Mobile & Durable
      • Rugged Transportable Design
      • Weather Resistant (Plexiglas® Cover)
    • Flexible: Use as Stand-Alone or with Thunder Remote.
    • Easy-to-Use
      • Simple Controls
      • Integrated Cable Spools
      • Easy-Coupling for Multi-Unit Transport
    • Failsafe Design
      • System Redundancies when used with Thunder Remote
      • Intelligent Battery Backup
    eVenue Thunder Remote
    (Audio I/O & Control)
    eVenue Thunder Software
    Event Management
    • Same Controls as Thunder Master
    • Smaller Package for Smaller Venues
    • Easy-to-Use with Simple Controls
    • Transportable,“Tilt & Roll” Style Case
    • Stand-Alone or use with Thunder Master
    • Remote Volume Control of Thunder Master
    • Failsafe Design
      • Redundant Audio Lines with Thunder Master
      • Battery Backup Power
    • Easy-to-Use and Flexible
    • Optional Pre-Event Scripting Workflow
    • Manage Resources During Event
    • Audio Element Scripting & Organization
    • Text Teleprompter for PA Announcer (Read Advertisements)
    • Other System Controls via PC (volume, mute, fade, etc.)

    eVenue System Benefits and Features

    eVenue Design Banner Quote

    eVenue Thunder looks different but that’s what makes it special!

    Thunder is tough and safe!  It’s built to be mobile and used anywhere and in all kinds of conditions, with built-in motion control safeguards.  eVenue Thunder also is easily towed across varying terrains to get to any event and can be set up quickly with the push of a button.  You can raise, lower, and tilt the Thunder ePod front to back to direct sound coverage where you need it.


    *Playback speed increased for demonstrative purposes only.

    eVenue is Mobile
    eVenue is Scalable
    • Easily Split/Shared Among Venues
    • Move System Where Needed
    • Quickly Setup, Split, & Share Components
    • Towable in a “Train” Configuration
    • One User Interface at All Events
    • Enabled by the eVenue ePod
    • Unique, Patent-Pending Design
    • Quickly and Easily Deployed
    • Arrange in Multiple Configurations
    • A Lot of Sound in a Portable, Flexible Package!
    • Optional eVenue Tempo For Football Practice




    eVenue Quote - Added to the pregame atmosphere.

    eVenue Thunder can be loud but it also has a soft, serious side.

    Thunder can rock a stadium and get thousands of fans worked up, but it can also play Mozart for those who appreciate the subtle nuances of classical music.  Thunder’s speakers provide a full range of superior concert quality audio where you need it, when you need it.  Thunder is also easy to adjust on the fly, making any event come to life.


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    eVenue’s Superior Sound Quality
    eVenue’s Distributed Sound Coverage
    • Full Resolution Music Reproduction
    • Brilliant Highs, Deep Bass
    • Detailed Speech Reproduction
    • Powerful, Clear, Natural
    • Heightened Excitement
    • Motivated Athletes and Fans
    • Superior to Single Point Sources like Scoreboards
    • More Sound Where You Need It
    • Reduced Noise Pollution
    • More Efficient Coverage Regardless of Venue

    eVenue Distributed Sound vs. Single Point Competitors

    eVenue highlights quote

    eVenue Thunder is more than a sound system. It’s an event system.

    Thunder can also be a conductor of an orchestra, by keeping event segments organized and on schedule. This event management system doesn’t miss a beat and will have everyone singing your praise. eVenue Thunder also has redundancy and backups built in so that it can operate during a power failure.

    Click here to watch our eVenue Thunder video testimonials.

    eVenue Event Management and Control
    eVenue Safety
    Flexible Interfacing and Total Control From Press Box Added Stability Measures and Status Panel for Safety
    • Optional Workflow
      • User Can Simply Plug-In Mic
        • Can Operate System Without Software
    • Flexible Organization of Audio Based Events
    • Teleprompter Function
    • Tracks Sponsor “Mentions”
    • System Control via PC Where Needed
    • Quick Setup and Tear Down
      • Easy to Deploy and Steer
      • Automatically Deploys With the Push of a Button
    • Audio Backup Systems
    • Battery Backup Everywhere
    • Motion Control Safeguards

    eVenue Thunder can be where you need it, when you need it.

    Our eVenue customers have found Thunder to be a valuable asset at the following types of events:

    Football Practice Rent to Others for Events
    Pep Rallies Track & Field Meets
    Sporting Events Dance Party
    Pregame Warm-Ups and Activities Football Camps
    Graduation 7 on 7 Tournament
    Field Day Town Hall Meeting in Gym
    Assemblies City-Wide Pep Rally
    Convocation Soccer Games
    Fundraisers Speaking Events in Gym
    Bonfire Wheelchair Basketball Event
    Ground Breaking Ceremony Basketball Games
    5K Run Swim Meets
    Soccer Tournament Volleyball Games
    Community Education Special Education Events


    Every event is unique and Thunder is designed to be flexible. Split up ePods and use in any combination in multiple venues to conform to any size venue while producing concert quality sound every time, everywhere.

    Thunder’s distributed coverage provides sound exactly where you need and reduces unnecessary noise pollution.

    Hear what our eVenue customers have to say about the unlimited applications of our revolutionary event management system.

    Click the images below to see a timeline sample of eVenue Thunder uses on just one school campus. This sample utilizes a 5-ePod system in 6 different locations (gymnasium, stadium, auditorium, soccer field, track field, and cafeteria) over a 24 hour period. Click to view larger.