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Seven Things You Should Know Before Buying a Coaching Headset System

July 28, 2020

COVID-19 may have thrown a wrench in preparing for your season but football will be back and be more competitive than ever.  This means you’re probably ramping back up with equipment purchases, practice schedules, and plans on how you’re going to execute everything.  One of the most important investments and tools you have is your coaching headset system.  If it's a good one, you can now use it in more ways to help with communication while social distancing.  Since not all headset systems are created equal, here are seven things that you should consider before making that all important headset system purchase.


Does it have the features to help you follow new safety rules & guidelines?

Are you prepared to coach within the new sideline expansion guidelines? Can you social distance at practice or the locker room?  Now more than ever, you need to make sure your headset system can do more and go farther than before.  With the new guidelines for ensuring safe social distancing, you’ll need a system like CoachComm’s Cobalt PLUS that can deliver reliable, robust  communication from one end of the field to the other to accommodate sideline expansion.   It’s also important to consider product add-ons like coach-to-player communications.  The Cobalt Plus Player Receiver is a powerful tool for communicating with players while maintaining social distancing guidelines.  WATCH HERE to see how player communication can work for you!


Does the technology work through press box glass?

There’s more to a headset system than power.  Properly engineered technology can overcome unexpected challenges without sacrificing audio quality and wireless performance.  One of the most common venue-related challenges encountered involves tinted glass on press box windows.  Tinting, whether clear or shaded, is typically a metallic film, which can obstruct radio frequencies.  As a coach, you have no control over this type of obstruction, but with the right technology, these challenges are a thing of the past. CoachComm’s engineering takes a multi-faceted approach to solve all types of challenges, and the result is a tailor-made headset system for football coaches.


Does it operate in the right wireless frequency band?

Wireless frequency is key to any headset system.  In today’s wireless world, there are a multitude of wireless devices active in any given environment such as Wi-Fi access points, wireless microphones, scoreboards, video editing, and broadcasting equipment.  These types of devices can wreak havoc on poorly designed headset systems.  CoachComm systems are uniquely designed to take advantage of the most optimum frequency bands in order to provide products with a robust-signal delivery that result in superior performance regardless of the customer’s environment.


Does it come with the SmartBoom headset?

The SmartBoom PRO Headset by CoachComm is the headset of choice by D-1 coaches around the country because it delivers outstanding performance and comfort in the toughest environments. Even in loud,  intense games, the SmartBoom PRO gives coaches the ability to hear clearly as well as to quickly mute communication with a lift of the mic boom.  Comfort is an often over-looked detail.  Many other headsets are cheap designs which cause extreme discomfort and headaches after wearing for only a short period of time.  The SmartBoom PRO is uniquely engineered to reduce the clamping force on your head so you can focus on the game.  The quality and comfort of the SmartBoom PRO are just a few of the reasons you’ll see it being worn by more college coaches than any other headset.

If you have issues with multiple people using the same headset, economical ear-pad and windscreen replacements are available for the SmartBoom headset to help keep your headsets sanitary and like new. 


Can the technology overcome noisy and loud environments?

School bands, cheerleaders, and countless fans add energy and excitement to any game but they can also present an epic challenge when your staff and players need to communicate and execute split-second decisions.  Many systems attempt to eliminate these noises solely at the headset, but CoachComm systems are specifically engineered  to dynamically lower the ambient noise so your coaches hear only what matters most - each other.


Is it easy to set up and operate?

On game day, you’re a coach, not an engineer.   A headset system needs to offer a user-friendly interface that is so intuitive, coaches can turn it on and go!  CoachComm’s Cobalt systems are configured and ready to go out of the box, and any last-minute adjustments are easily made in seconds with no additional codes or programming necessary.


Will it be a good investment and can it grow with our program?

Pick a company that has years of proven experience in engineering and providing headset systems to thousands of teams of all size across the U.S.  Purchasing is only one facet of the transaction.  It’s also important to consider product add-ons and/or future  system upgrades. You also need to think about a company that will be able to service and support your system for years to come.  CoachComm has been providing systems, service, and support to teams at every level of competition for more than 28 years!  With our experience and know-how, our tradition of continuous product innovation is rivaled only by our commitment to our customers’ success and satisfaction.

Want to know more?

Let us help you with headsets so you can take advantage of new and creative ways to get the most out of your headset system and make you season a safe one.  For the sanitization and cleaning of your existing CoachComm equipment, don’t miss reading our COVID-19 cleaning tips.

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