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Charlotte Christian High School

Head Coach Jason Estep

Charlotte Christian High School

Jason Estep
Head Football Coach

Coach Profile

Coach Estep joined the Charlotte Christian football program in 2005. He was named the varsity football head coach and director of football operations in 2007 and has a 40-19 record. He also oversees the strength and conditioning program for the school’s student-athletes. Estep served as the Strength and Conditioning coach for the Kansas City Royals from 2002-04. He played baseball at Eastern Kentucky University from 1996-99. Estep graduated with a Bachelor of Science in physical education wellness in 1999. He experienced great success in football as a high school all-state quarterback in Ohio. Estep and his wife, Leslie, have two sons, Cameron, a second grader and Tate, in junior kindergarten at Charlotte Christian. One thing he likes about working at Charlotte Christian is “the people and the ability to share Christ.”

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  • Charlotte, NC
  • Jason Estep, HFC
  • Jim Blazevich, Team Chaplain
  • Gary Brown, OC
  • Doug Damon, Assistant
  • *Kevin Donnalley, OLine
  • Matt Hall, Assistant
  • Todd Hines, Receivers
  • Mark Hogan, Assistant
  • Chris James, DLine
  • Paul Medeiros, Special Teams
  • *Eugene Robinson, DBs
  • Mike Rose, DC
    *NFL Alum
  • Tempest FX
  • 4 up, 5 down
  • Knights
  • Royal Blue & White
Notable Alumni
  • Jeremy Thompson – Football
    Wake Forest, Green Bay Packers
  • Daniel Bard – Baseball
    UNC, Boston Red Sox
  • Stephen Curry – Basketball
    Davidson, Golden State Warriors
  • Seth Curry – Basketball
  • Todd Fuller – Basketball
    NC State, Golden State Warriors

It’s not how you start, but how you finish. That old cliché sums up the 2012 football season for the Charlotte Christian High School Knights. The Knights, under the leadership of Head Coach Jason Estep, got off to a rocky start last season winning only two of their first five games. What the box score doesn’t indicate is the strength of those first five games and how three of those opponents were from out-of-state. The Knights came together under the leadership of their seniors to win their last seven games, finish 9-3, and claim their second NCISAA 3A State Title since 2008 (third overall.)

The Knights’ focus, consistency, and senior leadership were all key parts of winning another state title. These same attributes were key variables in Coach Estep’s decision to switch to CoachComm’s Tempest FX headset system prior to the 2012 season. “We dealt with a competitor for the last 5 years, decided to switch over and it was an unbelievable result. For the first time in 6 years, we haven’t had problems with our headsets,” says Estep. That kind of week-to-week consistency and CoachComm’s leadership in the industry are reflective of the Knights’ championship season.

“…just unbelievable and fully made a difference on our sideline on Friday night.”

The Tempest FX system provides Charlotte Christian with the same wireless technology used by D1 programs, but in an easy-to-use capacity, which gives Coach Estep and his coaches a competitive advantage on game day. “The use and ease of what we were doing was just unbelievable and truly made a difference on our sideline on Friday night,” proclaims Estep.