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Cooper High School

Head Coach Todd Moebes

Cooper High School

Todd Moebes
Head Football Coach

Coach Profile

Coach Todd Moebes is in his third year as head coach for the Cougars. Moebes graduated from Katy High School and Sam Houston State University,where he played linebacker for the Bearkats. Moebes began coaching under Mike Johnston at Katy in 2002. He served five seasons with the Tigers, including the 2003 season where Katy won the Class 5A state championship. Coach Moebes came to Cooper High School as Defensive Coordinator in 2007. Moebes became Head Football Coach and Athletic Coordinator in 2011. Under Coach Moebes’ tenure as head coach, the Cougars have made annual playoff appearances,winning the Bi-District Championship in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

  • Abilene, TX
  • Todd Moebes, HFC
  • Robert Alvarez, Kickers
  • Brent Bennett, OL
  • David Cedillo, Secondary
  • Brian Fitzgerald, OL
  • Rob Galusha, ILB
  • Van Gravitt, RBS
  • Jason Harlan, DE, ST
  • Justin Head, Nose Guards
  • Kolt Kittley, WR
  • Aaron Roan, DC
  • Scott Stewart, Safeties
  • Greg Thrasher, Receivers
  • Juan Thrasher, Corners
  • David Waddell, TE
  • Jerod Womack, QBs, OC
  • Tempest FX
  • 4 up, 8 down
  • Cougars
  • Red, Blue
  • 3-5A Division
Football Website
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The Cooper High School football program has established a reputation for post-season play. For the last three years, Head Football Coach Todd Moebes has led the Cougars deep into the 5A playoff season. CoachComm headset systems have been used by the Cougar coaching staff for many years. When Coach Moebes was introduced to the Tempest FX system, he realized it would be essential to his sideline communications in difficult game environments. Since the Cougars travel a great deal in West Texas, Coach Moebes knew Tempest FX would provide a consistent means of communication regardless of where they were playing. Because of a long tradition of community relationships with the Cooper Football Program, Coach Moebes was able to secure a sponsorship from Arrow Ford of Abilene to purchase the Tempest FX system. In appreciation of Arrow Ford’s generous donation, the Cougars marketed Arrow Ford on all the Tempest FX parts including headsets, BeltPacks, and the travel cases displayed on the sidelines. In addition to the CoachComm equipment bearing the Arrow Ford branding, a banner is displayed on the outside of the weight room, which is visible to the public. This banner proudly displays the unique partnership between Arrow Ford and the Cooper Football Program.

“The model of consistency is the mark of any champion. CoachComm has proven that time and time again.”

The Cougars were Bi-District Champions, Area Champions, and Regional Finalists in 2011, 2012, and 2013. The Cooper High School football program has used CoachComm systems for many years. According to Coach Moebes, “The functionality of the Tempest FX system has been tremendous. The model of consistency is the mark of any champion. CoachComm has proven that time and time again.”

The durability and reliability of CoachComm’s Tempest FX system in extreme environments has allowed the Cougar coaching staff to communicate consistently and clearly in the most challenging arenas of Texas HS football.