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Mission Viejo High School

Head Coach Bob Johnson

Mission Viejo High School

Bob Johnson
Head Football Coach

Coach Profile

With over 35 years of coaching experience under his belt, Coach Bob Johnson has seen his fair share of successes throughout his career. With Mission Viejo alone he has 10 league championships and 3 CIF championships. Overall he has won 16 league championships and 6 CIF championships between Mission Viejo and El Toro. Coach Johnson has previously worked with the Nike National Football Camp, the Elite 11 National Quarterback Camp, and was also a coach for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in 2011.

Coach Johnson attended Redondo Union High School where he played quarterback for the Sea Hawks. He went on to play college football at El Camino Junior College and then on to Fresno State for the Bulldogs.

  • Mission Viejo, CA
  • Bob Johnson, HFC
  • Bret Johnson, Assoc HC
  • Rob Johnson, Assoc HC
  • Mike Piel, D Line
  • Curtis Madden II, RBs
  • Brett Paton, D Coord
  • John Defries, O Line
  • Keith Foster, LBs/Kickers
  • Chase Moline, D Line
  • Mike Wirth, LBs
  • Robin Marquez, CBs
  • Adam Fay, O Line
  • Marty Mikkelsen, Secondary
  • Connex
  • 5 up, 7 down
  • Diablos
  • Scarlet & Gold
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Mission Viejo High School and CoachComm have a long history together. Coach Bob Johnson and his staff have been working with CoachComm since the late 90’s with everything from video gear to headsets. To say that “little SC” and CoachComm are committed to one another is an understatement.

“The quality of the system and having all of my coaches on headsets is very important to me. CoachComm’s Connex system has met all of Mission Viejo’s needs and we look forward to working with CoachComm in the future”, said Coach Johnson.

“Connex has met all of Mission Viejo’s needs and we look forward to working with CoachComm in the future.”

Mission Viejo purchased their first Connex headset system in 2004. Coach Johnson decided to upgrade to the newest model of Connex this year and the results have shown on the field finishing their season with an 11-1 record. Mission Viejo wanted a headset communication system with proven technology, the ability to have a lot of coaches on headsets, and the option to work with a company that has phenomenal customer service so he knows the Diablos will always be taken care of on Friday nights. Coach Johnson made the right choice with CoachComm.