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St. Paul’s School

Head Coach Ken Sears

Saint Paul’s School

Coach Ken Sears
Head Football Coach

Coach Profile

Coach Ken Sears has been coaching at St. Paul’s School for 16 years. His experience
and expertise have proven to be great assets for the Wolves. In recent years, he led
his team to a 33-win streak in their district. He’s coached the Wolves all the way to
eight district championships, ten playoff appearances, and three state quarterfinal

In the last nine years, Coach Sears was named the Coach of the Year on the All-
District 6-5A football team eight times, a selection made by the league’s head
coaches. He has also been awarded the Coach of the Year multiple times by both
Clarion Herald Catholic Schools and St. Tammany Parish, and once by Metro New

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  • Ken Sears, HFC
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  • Sam Francis
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  • 3-5A Division
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Notable Alumni
  • Andy Cannizaro, MLB
  • Ryan Schimpf, MLB
  • Nilo Silvan, NFL

St. Paul’s School, the District 6-5A Champions for the last five years, has set the bar high for anyone wishing to take the Championship title this
year. The Wolves have won eight district titles in the last nine years, with
three quarterfinal appearances. St. Paul’s takes football to a higher level by
including certain fundamental values they call the Four Pillars – character,
courage, class, and integrity – forming the core of their football program.

For an important game inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, St. Paul’s
football staff took advantage of a CoachComm Live Demo opportunity
and tested out the Tempest FX system. Head Football Coach Ken Sears had
heard some negative reports about headset communications within the
Superdome and wanted to try Tempest FX. Here’s how he explained the
results they experienced at that game: “It was crystal clear and allowed for
easy communication among our offensive and defensive staffs.”

“We want the absolute best for our players and our staff, and that means CoachComm. We wouldn’t trust anything else.”

Since the demo equipment made such a noticeable difference, St. Paul’s
School later purchased their own Tempest FX system, and everyone
has been very pleased with its performance. The Wolves are now
more confident entering their games with reliable and crystal clear
communications equipment. “We want the absolute best for our players
and our staff, and that means CoachComm. We wouldn’t trust anything
else,” said Coach Sears.