"I’m a big believer in the Tempo system and all the things it does for us. From keeping us on time to music we play. I’m a big believer in keeping a pace and in anything that keeps you organized and on task. We can see it. We can program it for whatever we want. It’s being organized.


We can generate music we put in the system. We use it in the summer for training. We use it year-round. And of course all the timing mechanisms- it keeps us on time. I keep my headset on at all times. I think it just keeps us organized.


The fact that I can communicate through my wireless headset mic is just a huge bonus for me...”


– Bill Clark, Head Football Coach

University of Alabama-Birmingham

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“Implementing the CoachComm Tempo system into our everyday routine has allowed us to run our fast pace system without missing a beat.  Our athletes enjoy the music , and as a staff we are able to work game management situations.  It has added an element to our preparation that has never been available until now.”


– Mike Gundy, Head Football Coach

Oklahoma State University

“Thanks to CoachComm, Tempo will definitely make our practice mroe efficient and run a bit more smoothly.”


– Billy Kirelawich, Director of Football Ops.

University of Arizona

“It really helps the attitude at practice, the tempo at practice, and keeps a little get up in your step... makes it more fun, too. The energy level it brings and that our coaches bring has a lot to do with our success!”


– Mark Hudspeth, Head Football Coach

Austin Peay State University

“Tempo helps them think, focus and reach when there is a distraction.”


– Kyle Whittingham, Head Football Coach

University of Utah

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