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AUBURN, AL | December 15, 2020 — CoachComm, LLC, the leading provider of coaching headsets and
practice systems, announced today a renewed partnership with Glazier Clinics, the world’s largest

provider of football coaching education. The 2021 partnership cements Glazier and CoachComm as co-
investors in coaching education in a time when delivering quality growth opportunities requires the utmost
in creativity and resourcefulness.

Glazier’s new Glazier Drive ( will serve as the platform for delivering in-depth
instruction on 22 coaching systems, including live Q&A with the system creators. Also included are more
than 900 standalone videos, live online events, and a complete social platform including forums and direct
messaging. New video content is added daily.

CoachComm joins an exclusive network of partners dedicated to investing in football coaches by making
Glazier Drive affordable to every coach at every school. In addition, CoachComm’s innovative
communication and practice technologies such as the new Cobalt PLUS Player Receiver, enables
coaches to communicate in real time with players at practice to help increase tempo, efficiencies, and
instruction. CoachComm representatives will take an active part in providing educational opportunities
through Glazier Drive content, eClinics, and community networking.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Glazier Drive. Glazier Clinics has a solid record of providing the
best-in-class coaching education and resources,” said Peter Amos, President, CoachComm. “CoachComm
will work closely with Glazier Drive in several areas, especially in conjunction with the 2021 live eClinics.
CoachComm and Glazier have a long history of partnership in traditional coaching clinics, and both our
companies are committed to providing exceptional products and services. Glazier Drive is where coaches
can go to network, learn, and brainstorm. It’s a great opportunity for our companies to work together to

keep coaches in the know and to be part of Glazier’s digital innovation to deliver invaluable coaching
tools.” Glazier Clinics CEO Chris Coughlin concurs. “I have worked with CoachComm for decades. They are the
best in their class. When I approached them about doing something great for coaches, they jumped in with
their checkbook, committed to getting football programs to the other side of this pandemic,” said Coughlin.
“CoachComm has the best communication equipment. There’s a reason why they dominate. They are
committed to the game itself, to coaches, and to providing high-quality product at a fair price.”


About CoachComm, LLC
CoachComm, LLC, is the leading supplier of advanced communication technologies for the sports and
professional intercom industries. With more than 30 years of unrivaled excellence in coaching headset
communications, CoachComm has developed and built headset communication technologies that are
dependable, durable, and easy-to-use. For on-field sports communication, CoachComm is the proven
system of choice for 97% of FBS-FCS colleges and thousands of high school and small college programs
across the country and has earned and secured its position as an innovator by developing cutting-edge
communication and practice solutions for customers that demand the ultimate competitive edge.
CoachComm is based in Auburn, Alabama, USA, and was founded in 1991 by Peter Amos. For more
information, visit


About Glazier Clinics
Glazier Clinics has been the largest name in football coaching education for 40 years. Over 30,000 football
coaches attend live Glazier events every year, and more than 60,000 coaches are season pass holders. In
2021, Glazier will invest the resources normally reserved for in-person coaching clinics into Glazier Drive
to help coaches win more. Glazier Drive’s 22 full coaching systems, 900 curated videos, live eClinic
events, and interactive social platform provide an unparalleled opportunity to for coaches to learn in
community, even when they are are restricted from attending in-person clinic events. Glazier Clinics is
based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. For more information, visit



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