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New and Innovative Coach-to-Player Comms Prove Effective and Reliable for Game Communication

AUBURN, AL, DEC 7, 2021 - When the Bayou Classic, the iconic collegiate matchup between Grambling State University and Southern University, took place on Saturday, November 27, 2021, in the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, LA, it was the first NCAA game in which coach-to-player communications were permitted to be used in a game.  The Bayou Classic was also the debut of CoachComm’s new X-Player coach-to-player communications that were used by both teams during the game.


Whether it’s changing the play at the line, assisting in adjusting players on the field, or continuing to coach your players right up to the snap of the ball, coach-to-player technology provides an added benefit to every team.   “We were able to utilize similar technology that players have only ever seen in the Pros,” says Derek Price, equipment manager at Southern University. “The coaches and players said it was flawless and were excited to experience the benefits this new communication brings to the game. Our coaches think it’s a game-changer.  CoachComm has taken our communication to the next level yet again.”


Unlike the coach-to-player devices used by the Pros, the equipment provided for the Bayou Classic is the next-gen technology engineered and manufactured by CoachComm that works seamlessly with CoachComm’s X-System coaches headset system used by hundreds of college teams. Together, the headset communication and the new X-Player coach-to-player communication make a powerful pair for any team seeking the ultimate competitive advantage.


“The coaches and players loved it,” says George Stubbs, equipment manager for Grambling State University.  “CoachComm’s X-Player coach-to-player communications gave us a valuable game tool.  Being able to communicate in real-time is an opportunity to improve in many different areas.” 


The new X-Player features exceptional audio, a familiar X-System interface, and complete field coverage. Having proven-out this technology in one of the most difficult RF environments in the country, CoachComm will be exhibiting this product at the upcoming AFCA Convention in San Antonio, TX, in January 2021.


“We are very excited about bringing our new X-Player technology, an innovative approach to player communications, to NCAA football.  No one has approached player coms the way CoachComm has and X-Player will revolutionize the way coaches and players think about communication,’ says CoachComm President Peter Amos.  “CoachComm has created this new coach-to-player technology and has set a new standard for coach-to-player communications.  The Bayou Classic was a great stage on which to debut this technology with two great teams!”

About CoachComm, LLC

CoachComm, LLC, is the leading supplier of advanced communication technologies for the sports and professional intercom industries.  With more than 30 years of unrivaled excellence in coaching headset communications, CoachComm has developed and built headset communication technologies that are state-of-the-art, dependable, and trusted.  For on-field sports communication, CoachComm is the proven system of choice of 97% of FBS teams and thousands of high school and small college programs across the country and has earned and secured its position as an innovator by developing cutting-edge communication and practice solutions for customers that demand the ultimate competitive edge. CoachComm is based in Auburn, Alabama, USA, and was founded in 1991 by Peter Amos. For more information, visit

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