“We’ve used CoachComm for many years now and adding the new X-System headsets will help keep Katy at the front of the curve, allow our coaches to focus on coaching game nights, and give us the ultimate advantage in having the best sideline communication.”

Gary Joseph, Head Football Coach

Katy High School (Tex.)

“CoachComm knows headset technology, but they also know football. Buying an X-System was an investment, but it’s one I would make again. No one supports coaching and communication like CoachComm!”


– Steve Trivisonno, Head Football Coach

Mentor High School (Oh.)

“We use the X2 system. (It has) tremendous quality, tremendous clarity and communication for our sideline procedures. It's been a major game-changer for us. X2 technical support has been unbelievable. I'd strongly recommend this to any program that's looking to get into a new system.”


–  Jeff Behrman, Head Football Coach

Union College


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“CoachComm has had a very instrumental part in our success here at Hoover. Communication on the field is now more important than it ever has been. CoachComm has allowed our weekly preparation to become Friday production through their ownership in core values, such as loyalty, accountability, and most of all dependability.”


– Josh Niblett, Head Football Coach

Hoover High School (Ala.)

“(We) love CoachComm. We have the X-System here. The customer service is great. The clarity of the headsets on the X-System is phenomenal. It takes out all the outside noise and what not. So, we really appreciate all the work that CoachComm has done with us and hopefully continue in the future.”


– Paul Guaragna, Assistant Coach

De La Salle High School (Cal.)

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“Favorite part of the system for me with CoachComm X2 is the fact that we can put as many coaches as we want down on the field at any one time. If I have nine coaches, ten coaches, eleven, I can always add to that. Multiple channels is another great feature that we have with the X2 system as well as the noise-cancelling headsets. That is just beyond what anyone else is doing at the high school level and it really separates us from the rest.”


– Jason Negro, Head Football Coach

St. John Bosco High School (Cal.)

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“Super comfortable. They stay balanced on the head; they're not sliding off… they seem to breathe a little bit better and just the comfortableness is fantastic. Everything is clear as can be. We don't hear the cheers, we don't hear the crowd. We hear each other clear as day and it's been a huge upgrade for us.”


– Chuck Chastain, Head Football Coach

Norco High School (Cal.)

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"I just want to give a big shout-out to CoachComm and their customer service. We had a headset problem right before the season. They turned this thing around in a week and it was unbelievable, just giving us a rental headset for a game and bringing in the new ones a week later. It's just unbelievable service and the quality of the system is great. We've had a bunch of headsets in the past and the X2 system is definitely the best one we've ever had. We're super excited to keep working with CoachComm and the quality of service is unbelievable."


– Greg Chimera, Head Football Coach

Johns Hopkins University

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"We use the X2 system by CoachComm and for the last two years, it's been a game-changer for us. Being located in Washington D.C., we have a lot of cell towers and definitely have missed some calls and some communication in years past.


Ever since we made the switch, it's been a great addition for us and have had a lot of success. We appreciate everyone at CoachComm."


– Chuck Goldstein, Head Football Coach

Gallaudet University

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I couldn't have been more impressed. It gave us everything that we needed from a communications standpoint. The flexibility and versatility to be able to communicate with offense and defense coaches as a head coach is really important to me, but also for our coaches on special teams and when we have injuries, to make those adjustments.


I also really like the fact that you can flip the microphone up and not have to worry about sound, so you have some great privacy and it allows the people that are thinking and making play calls to be able to do that without a lot of excess chatter."


– Jeff McMartin, Head Football Coach

Central College

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