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X-System Player Communications
player communication


Whether it’s changing the play at the line, assisting in adjusting players on the field, or continuing to coach your players right up to the snap of the ball, coach-to-player communication technology provides an added benefit to every team. Unlike the coach-to-player devices used by the Pros, X-System Player* is the next-gen technology engineered and manufactured by CoachComm that works seamlessly with CoachComm’s X-System coaching headset system used by hundreds of college teams.


Together, the headset communication and the new X-System Player coach-to-player communication make a powerful pair for any team seeking the ultimate competitive advantage. The new X-System Player communication features exceptional audio, a familiar X-System interface, and complete field coverage. CoachComm has created this new coach-to-player technology and has set a new standard for coach-to-player communications.

*Not approved for in-game use.

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